Atlantic Fertiliser is a premium organic and semi organic fertiliser for use in the home garden. It is fast become the leading organic fertiliser available in nurseries and hardware stores in SA. Elands Nursery is proud to be the supplier of Atlantic Fertiliser to the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Orange Free State markets.

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Traditionally, and contrary to the practices of professional growers, home gardeners only applied fertilisers to their lawns and gardens in autumn and spring. No applications were made in winter or summer. This was primarily because the nutrients in chemical fertilisers would "leach" in winter and "burn" in summer providing very little if any positive impact on the garden.

Atlantic Fertilisers range of organic fertilisers was designed and developed by experts to provide consistent and sustained

growth of your garden plants and lawns throughout the year.

Remember that a happy, healthy, well nourished plant will look great, perform better and be less likely to be

plagued by pests and disease.


The most stressful season for plants and lawns. Summer feeding will result in healthy root and plant growth,

extended flowering and reduced inclination to pests and disease.


Many plants begin to lose their leaves at this time.

Feeding in autumn will allow plants to store nutrients to help them survive through winter.


Plants may appear dormant above the surface, but feeding in winter allows root systems to take u

 nutrients from the soil, in preparation for the flush of new growth in spring.


As the temperature rises our plants and lawns burst into life.

Feeding in spring encourages this burst of energy and provides sustained plant growth.

Visit their site for more details http://atlanticfertilisers.co.za/

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