Collection of goods by Elands Nursery cc from Independent parties

With our dependable fleet of trucks that frequent most of the major towns in South Africa we are happy to help with

collection and distribution of various goods!


Please note

1) Collections will only happen at the discretion of the Operations manager.

2) While Elands Nursery CC will make every effort to deliver goods  we cannot be held responsible  for




Please email with the following information:

  • breakages

  • theft

  • packaging of goods

  • incorrect goods loaded

  • poor quality goods loaded



3) We will contact you to

  • confirm collection and drop off

  • let you know when it will take place

  • let you know what the charge is

1. The collection

  • What is to be collected, literage , weight ,width and height

  • The exact address of where to collect

  • The times collection will be possible

  • Who is the contact person and what is there contact number

  • Proof of payment of goods

2. The delivery

  • The exact address of where to deliver to

  • The times delivery will be possible

  • Who is the contact person and what is there contact number

Click the button below to download the Non Disclaimer form.

Be sure to complete this form and email it back to us at

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