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As part of our marketing strategy, Elands nursery cc has endeavoured to promote gardening in and around South Africa to help the gardening public and boost plant sales. We have been doing this by way of editorials and advertising however felt that something more was needed. With this in mind the “Call Kay“ campaign was born, a direct telephonic line and email address for our clients, their staff and the public. It would be operational 7 days a week during office hours. Anyone could contact a gardening expert and get a quick answer to gardening related questions . In so doing we could help our clients help their clients and ensure the growth of gardening as a pass time in South Africa. 

Kay Jones has worked in the green industry for 40 years. Her first 8 years was spent growing, purchasing and managing a nursery on the East Rand .She then moved to the Eastern Cape and spent 26 years with the Elands team in retail nurseries in and around Port Elizabeth. When, as a business decision, Elands management decided to close down the retail sections and concentrate on wholesale trade, Kay once again made a career move and played an important part in our sales department. She also served as an “encyclopaedia of knowledge” to the Elands office staff as well as to our clients, being able to comment on anything from the name of a new plant to the perfect feed mix we would need to add to our soils. It was only natural that she would make the perfect person for our campaign idea.

“Call Kay“  at 082 503 1293 or 

Kay is also very active on social media platforms and you are encouraged to follow her to hear about our

latest products on the following  handles

Twitter : @call_kay

Facebook: Call Kay

As a business we have also endeavoured to get the youth gardening and in this regard, Kay runs an


To date we have had approximately 5000 pupils pass through her capable gardening hands. They arrive at the nursery and are walked through the growing process, where she highlights the importance of planting correctly, water, sunlight and food for plants. A picnic is then enjoyed by all attending after which they get down and dirty and do a little planting.

The outing is free of charge and we have had incredibly positive feedback not only from the teachers and pupils

but also from the parents that attend.


Kay is available to promote the latest seasonal Elands products in your nurseries. Businesses that have chosen to host

her talks have shown an increase in turnover and have commented on the positive feedback they have received from their

clients. Should you wish to book her or want to book a date for a “nursery walk about” for gardening clubs and societies,

please contact Kay Jones on  to enquire about available dates and transport costs involved.


In conclusion


  • Provide a service to your clients by being a call, email or text away from any gardening question,7 days a week.

  • Provide a service to your staff by being a call away should they have a question from a client that they can’t answer.             Kay also offers free training on plants and plant care at the nursery, simply book a training session.

  • Keep the public informed of plants that are current and in the nurseries by her twitter feeds and Facebook posts

  • Provide useful gardening tips to the public via her twitter feeds and facebook posts.

  • Encourage children to garden  through the “walk about school program”

  • “Call Kay” is available for talks and presentations in your nursery and to garden clubs, groups and societies.

Growing into the future
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