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Elands NEW webpage

Elands Nursery is thrilled to announce the launch of their fresh new website well in time for spring 2018.

Our goal was to design an easy to use and informative webpage and we have achieved just that.

The site brilliantly brings together all the spheres that make up Elands Nursery cc. From our must have products, well planned logistics, innovative marketing, stud cattle breeding and web blogging everything is now on one, easy to navigate platform.

Looking for what currently is available at Elands? Simply click on product gallery for a direct link to our weekly updated and professional images.

In addition our webpage serves to introduce our clients to those members of The Elands Team who are often dealt with telephonically or by email behind the’s good to’ put a name to a face’ and we hope this will make it easier for you when contacting our offices.

Besides the regular features mentioned the site also contains integrated social media buttons for Face book, Twitter and a weBlog page. With this we hope to foster new communication channels with you and the garden industry....after all ‘the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place’ (George Bernard Shaw) and we hope by opening up as many communication channels as possible the dialogue will start flowing!

We will be constantly updating our content with new innovations, products or news and encourage you to regularly visits the site to keep in touch with what’s going on.

For starters have a look at ‘How Mike and Rick rocked the 80’s’........clearly fashion and hairstyle sense were not high on the ‘becoming a successful nurseryman’ priority list. Like totally radical photographs and article on our home page URL and don’t forget to pop us a note on the weBlog.

We value and look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy the new uncluttered design.

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