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Elands Spring Open Day

By now all Elands clients should have received an invite to our Spring Open day which is scheduled for Tuesday 31 July this year......if not please contact our office on 041 9555671 or email so we can see why you are not on our data base!

The Open day takes place at the nursery, Elands River Road, Rocklands and we have a super line up of specials and activities. You would truly be missing out if you aren’t able to join us.

There will be several ‘rock bottom’ teasers available to those attending the day, please watch our invite updates mailed directly to you to see the prices.

Just some of the products on special:

Delosperma cooperi - 12CM

Euryops virgineus -15CM

Felicia bergeriana -15CM

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'-2L

Phormium ten. 'Rubra' - 2L

Washingtonia robusta - 50L

Syagrus romanzoffiana - 50L

We are thrilled to have Derek Watts from Carte Blanch joining us as our guest speaker. His presentation “from hot leads to snap chat” will be sure to entertain and who doesn’t want a photo with Derek Watts!

The time planner for the day will be as follows

08:00 Gates Open for sales

10:30 – 11:30 Call Kay Nursery Tour (Meet outside lunch area)

12:00 – 13:00 Guest speaker (New Logistic Zone)

13:00 Lunch

Please note that this invite is reserved for members of the nursery trade only.

Looking forward to having you here!

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