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Take a normal and natural activity, gardening, and mix it with an au naturel state of being and you have the perfect recipe for a fun, relaxing activity, Naked Gardening!

Social celebratory dates come round each year and, love then or hate them, we all mark them on our calendars and participate. #GardenShop decided this year that things needed to be spiced up and by ‘dropping clothes’ to support the KZN Flood Relief Measures and ‘stripping prices’ to pass on to their clients, they turned gardening into the new erotica and a great way to celebrate the first Saturday in May, #WorldNakedGardeningDay.

Elands was thrilled to participate in this wonderful promotion and our staff from both the Sales and Propagation department got enthusiastic, grab their favourite plant for the month and showed the green industry what we are literally made of.

We followed up with ensuring that GardenShop received excellent product at great prices, produced tasteful Point of Sale images to support their campaign and sponsored a R10 000.00 product prize in the public participation competition.

If you live in Gauteng and want to participate, go to

You don’t have to be a gardener to get down and dirty.

Shed your clothes, let your derriere soak up the South African sun, tend to your garden just as nature intended ….. and have a great laugh doing it.


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